Ain’t Nobody Fuckin’ With My Clique

In Good Hope FM’s latest tv ad campaign, they poke fun at the general clique-ness of Capetonians.

“The cheeky and rather tongue-in-cheek ad shot by Egg Films’ Slim revolves around the concept that if you don’t live in Cape Town, well you just have no hope. The concept was created by 140BBDO creatives Ivan, Alexis, Gareth and Alex, who believe it proves that those wine-guzzling rascals can laugh at themselves after all. We didn’t actually get to interview any of them but we’d imagine that if we did, they’d say something like, “It’s, like, the truth. And if you don’t, like, find it funny, you’re probs from, like, Jo’burg. Eeuw.”

The wry humour is what attracted Slim to the job in the first place. “I really digged the exaggeration and comedy; it gave us a chance to completely take the mickey out of ourselves as both Capetonians and  non-Capetonians,” says Slim, ironically a non-Capetonian himself.” – The Media Online

Take a look at the ad, and let me know what you think. I had a good giggle, because, well… it’s rather accurate.

Double Trouble

For those of you that don’t know, i’m a radio presenter on Good Hope FM and i can now officially tell the world that i’m starting 2 new shows as of this weekend, one of which is Nightfunk with DJ Mixi!

I leave the Weekend Breakfast family to join one of my all time bestest friends. Not many people honestly LOVE what they do, and even fewer get to work with their closest friends. I’m lucky like that 😉

I join DJ Mixi every Friday night between 10pm-2am on Nightfunk… our mission is to bring some of the hottest dance music to you and your ears. Mixi and i have very different likes and dislikes; drinks, music and even men, which is what makes this show so special. No matter what genre of partooza moozic gets you in the mood, we’ve got it covered! Mixi has always leaned a little towards good solid house and tribal beats, and she loves a good RnB tune… whereas, in terms of dance music, i lean more towards the Electro, Dubstep, Drum n Bass vibes… However, we both agree that Trance music is some SICK SHIT! The good kind 😉


If you’re a regular Nightfunk listener, you’ll notice a couple of changes. There will be an International DJ featured every Friday, guys like; Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Armin van Buuren, Calvin Harris and Afrojack. The Dance Music Chart is also a new addition to the show… between 10pm-11pm we’ll be counting down some of the best dance music, across all genres, from across the globe 🙂

So, do me a solid, tune in this Friday and let us know what you think. If you aren’t in the most beautiful city in the world (Cape Town), then you can audiostream here: :}

DJ: LuWayne Wonder

LuWayne plays LIVE on Good Hope FM every Monday night at 22h40 on the Rumpshaker. If you have to put a label on him, he’s a “Hip Hop/RnB DJ”, but he can do so much more than just that.  He’s also an all-round nice guy and great to party with… one of the WORST hangovers i’ve ever had was partly because of this dude!

-2009 SA DMC Finalist.

-2007 HENESSEY DJ competitor.

-2010 SA Final DMC Judge.

Download his latest mix if you’re in the mood for some commercial house: or from here:

PS: Ladies, he’s single and totally adorable!

The all new and improved Kinky Afro


Booking goes live for The Refreshed Kinky Afro Experience on Monday 25th October at Computicket

Keep it locked to the station that Connects Cape Town for all the details on the up and coming Kinky Afro Experience, brought to you by Hunter’s.

 …..8000 capacity venue, double the bars and bar-staff, tripple the sound, multiple live AV link-up’s, 3D LED stage, pause-pods, dual entry points, dedicated smoking lounge and more……

 Good Hope FM, Connecting Cape Town