Mixtape Monday #1

These are the songs that will get you through the week, i promise! Click play and enjoy 🙂

At the age of 14 Birdy (Jasmine Van den Bogaerd) has released a cover of Bon Iver “Skinny Love” with only a piano to accompany her… If  i could marry a song, this is the song that i would want to spend the rest of my life with. I am head-over-heels in love. Her vocals are impressive and the emotion that she is able to bring to this (already spectacular) song is awe inspiring. I would say that you should remember her name, but if you listen to this song you aren’t likely to forget it any time soon.

[indie/vocal] Birdy – Skinny Love

Secret is a four piece South Korean girl group who have managed to release one of the cutest music videos and catchiest songs of all time. Step out of your box for a few minutes and watch this video, it get’s all Nicki Minaj-ish at around 2:58.

[South Korean Pop] Secret – Shy Boy

Chase & Status are an electronic production duo from London consisting of Saul “Chase” Milton and Will “Status” Kennard. They have so many great songs but this track is the one that i can’t stop playing at the moment… The music video is heart wrenching and well worth a watch. If you can get through the entire video without feeling a heart-pang or two then you are more than likely an automaton disguised as a human.

[drum and bass] Chase & Status ft Delilah – Time