Two Dudes Tip Waiters R2000

Apparently these guys run a rather large and successful Youtube account that earns them a significant amount of money. As a way of both giving back and making content for their channel… they tipped a couple of waiters $200 and then filmed their reactions. In the beginning of the video you see them “sneakily” filming each respective waiter while they’re being served so they know they’re being filmed and all seem cool with it.

If you’re having kind of a shitty day, this is one of those videos that will make your heart feel better. I might have also cried a little.

How Old Are Your Ears?

Unlike your liver, or skin, your inner ear can’t regenerate. As it gets older (or as you take it to loud places) it slowly loses the ability to pick up high frequencies.

Wouldn’t you like to know how old your ear is and just how much of your hearing you’ve lost? Well, now you can!

Grab a pair of headphones, make sure you’re watching it in the highest quality (1080p) as you can and tell me how old your ears are! I managed to hear the Under 24 frequency… which is surprising, because i thought i was going deaf! All the DJing and loud music in headphones at work.

New App – iMadeFace

The new iMadeFace app, available in the Apple Store, helps turn your face into a cartoon! Here are some that have already been created of celebrities you might recognize: