400 Film Flash: Warm Bodies


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Warm Bodies isn’t your average love story. There’s a Zombie apocalypse, Nicholas Hoult (the odd-looking youngster from About A Boy) is dead. He meets a girl, Teresa Palmer, eats her boyfriend’s brain, falls in love with her, becomes an ex-zombie and saves the world. The End.

In all fairness though, there’s a lot more to this film than what you might think. Inside what many may see as just another Zombie flick there’s something a bit heart-warming in there. R, is a human brain trapped in a zombie body, he knows he’s living a crappy life, but is just getting on with it, eating brains and that.

Julia, whose dad, (played by the lead in Being John Malkovich, I cant remember his name) is the main zombie killer guy, goes out on a mission for medical aid and consequently ends up seeing her fella’s brain eaten. She freezes, gets taken in by R and you guessed it, they become friends.

Obviously she can’t love him, he’s undead, but it turns out that, as cheesy as it may seem, that love can actually save some of the flesh-eating limpers. R starts to slowly return to his human self when he’s around her, something that Julia notices and decides that he’s actually alright. He can’t talk too great though.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, R saves Julia (several times) from getting eaten and sneaks into the human colony to inform his lady friend that his zombie mates can be saved.

A big battle ensues which sees the good zombies join forces with the humans to take on the bad, unsaveable zombies. R jumps off a big building into a pool possibly sacrificing himself to save the girl that’s made him human. However, despite that, John Malkovich isn’t convinced at shoots him anyway.

R then begins to bleed, something that zombies don’t do, and convinces Mr. Malkovich that his buddies can be saved.

The human/good zombie tag team sees off the crappy Zombies and the human race, bizarrely, then allows zombies to live amongst them as they get better. The odd-looking lad from About A Boy learns to talk properly, gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after.

Well, everyone other than all those that got eaten that is…

Film Moral: Accept people, help them. Not all those that seem past the point of no return are lost for good.