About Me

About me? I’m a Radio Presenter, DJ, Voice-Over Artist, Dreamer, Music Addict who loves Liverpool, Cape Town, bunnies and singing in my car. I’m the really tall girl who blocks your view at a concert (i’m sorry – but it’s not my fault that i’m this tall), i’m the one driving my car up your ass ’cause you’re driving too slow and i’m the stereotypical RomCom leading lady that falls head over heels in love with a guy who just doesn’t feel the same way (even though i hate RomComs, i do love  love!).

Say HI!

Twitter: @StephanieBe

Facebook: Stephanie Bee

Email: stephanie@5fm.co.za

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey sexy lady! Love the things ur doing with this blog page 😉

    Where you been hiding lately? You must come visit me and E sometime sooon!


  2. Hi Stephanie – I’d like to send you a proposal, but your above email addy doesn’t seem to be working? Where can I send it to?


  3. Hello 🙂 I’m leaving for Walking The Daisies early tomorrow morning and it’s your Ultimate outdoor festival camping check-list that brought me here lol Thanks for that…. And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t say thanks for your topless Tuesday efforts…

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