Synergy Live 2013 Competition!

synergyIt’s finally here! The legendary Synergy Live has returned to Cape Town and Johannesburg this weekend, and i hope you’re ready! I was ridiculously bummed that i couldn’t make last year’s festival (i had friends arriving from the UK the same night Prodigy was performing!)… so i’m really glad that things sort of worked out this time around.

JOBURG [Competition]

There’s no need to feel left out of the festival scene, you might not be camping, but you’re certainly going to get to party just as hard as the Townies! The line-up is ridiculous:

Everything Everything (UK)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (US)
Desmond & the Tutus
Gangs of Ballet
Goodnight Wembley
Naming James
Zebra & Giraffe

That’s not even including the Red Bull Stage with Foreign Beggars, Feed Me, Das Kapital and more!


To win 1 of 3 sets of double tickets, all you have to do is make sure you’re following @SynergyLive, and tweet the following:

WIN tickets to @SynergyLive in JHB this weekend with @StephanieBe! Details here:


Synergy Live 2013 is a only about 90 minutes outside of Cape Town on the banks of Theewaterskloof Dam. Three days of dirty fun with top talent serving up some pretty rad beats. Dance with the setting sun, sleep with the stars – wake up and start all over again. Heaven.

1461855_624161360976229_467849072_nA couple of essential items to pack:

–           TICKETS!
–           Water Bottle (maybe 1 for water and 1 for alcohol…. But definitely take extra, you  will probably lose them. Daisies will have water filling stations throughout the site too, to keep you hydrated)
–           Sunglasses (you will also probably lose a pair of these, or break them. Leave your designer shades at home and rather bring 2 pairs of cheapies)
–           Torch
–           Lighter, matches (even if you don’t smoke, people are always looking for lighters)
–           Rennies/Myprodol/Plasters/Immodium/Panado! (at the risk of sounding like your mom, I can’t emphasize how important it is to take ALL of the aforementioned goodies. You really don’t want to feel ill at an outdoor festival. You ruin it for yourself and for your friends.) Rennies: For if the festival food doesn’t agree with you, or even if you’re feeling sick from too much beer/spirits, it basically just makes your stomach acid less acidic. This is a pretty gross tip, so stop reading if you’re sensitive. If you feel like you’re going to throw up, try and get 3 or so Rennies into you a good amount of time before you chunder, and when you do, it’ll feel like you’re throwing up water rather than Satan’s own burning lava.

–      Packets of chips (possibly the easiest and lightest food to carry around, it’s also the best thing to eat if you’re feeling sick)
–      Alcohol Sachets (easy to hide in your tent from scavengers, rolled up in some socks)
–      Decant All Alcohol! (no glass is aloud into Synergy at all, and I’m glad about that. So don’t complain, just sort yourself out before you come)

For the complete Ultimate Essential Outdoor Festival Packing Checklist click: here


WIN A Signed Fender Guitar

Fender is essentially the brand that started it all! They offered the first mass-produced solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar, the first mass-produced electric bass, and the Stratocaster (Strat) guitar.

The good news is that Jose Cuervo is giving one away!

Here’s how to enterTweet and tag a photo of you and your mates being #PartyAnimals at #VITC2013! That’s it.


While you’re at it, you might as well enter their competition to win 1 of 10 sets of double GOLDEN tickets to Vodacom In The City 2013! Link: Jose Cuervo Facebook Competition

I’ll also be giving a few tickets away soon-ish. So keep an eye on this blog!

Vodacom In The City 2013


We’re less than a month away from Vodacom In The City 2013! The line up in INSANE, and pretty much kicks off an AWESOME season for music fans in South Africa. We’ve got so many truly amazing live acts heading to our shores… and i could not be more excited.

Vodacom has hooked me up with 3 x double tickets to give away to this event! 


1. VOTE for your favourite local act to Open In The City! This is an awesome opportunity for these guys, and you really will be making someone’s dream come true.

To vote, SMS the keyword of your favourite band to 33459:

aKING – SMS “aKING” to 33459
Al Bairre – SMS “albairre” to 33459
Beatenberg – SMS “beatenb” to 33459
Aztec Saphire – SMS “aztec” to 33459
Monark – SMS “monark” to 33459

SMS rates charged at R1.50 per SMS.

2. TWEET the following “I voted for [insert name of band] to Open The City! Win tickets to #VITC2013 with @StephanieBe here:

Oh and just by the way, i WILL lose my shit when alt-j play this track:

Terms and conditions apply!

Essential Bastille

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the good news! Bastille are heading to S.A early January 2014. These guys released one of the best albums of 2013 by far (Bad Blood), if you haven’t got a copy, get one!


If you aren’t a Bastille convert just yet… some of their best work isn’t only on the album. I’ve been obsessing over this first video for quite some time now, and the others have already been added to my personal playlist.

You can buy tickets to see Bastille live in Cape Town & JHB here: Webtickets

Mumford And Sons? Hopeless Wanderer

The brand new music video for Mumford & Sons “Hopeless Wanderer” has been released…. and let’s just say that’s it’s a little different to what you would expect from these banjo playing Brits.

I love the fact that the video proves that these guys know how to take the piss, and even though they are probably some of the most famous mother fuckers in the music industry right now, they also have a lot of haters… and well, i think this video shows that they don’t really care either.

The group hands over the music video to Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Will Forte. These comedians do a brilliant job of acting like a very exaggerated version of Mumford & Sons. LOVE IT!



A Song To Make Love To

This cover turns me on more than i can describe. I honestly believe that Ellie Goulding is my Spirit Animal! Here, she does a sort of sensual vaguely jazz parlour-esque cover of Alt-J’s Tesselate.

Alt-J are coming to South Africa this year, more specifically (and importantly) to ROCKING THE FREAKING DAISIES! I could not have chosen a better place to see them live! *SQUEEEEEEEEE*