Have You Been Naughty Or Nice? Find Out Here!

Are you on Father Christmas’ good list this year, or has your potty mouth landed you on the naughty list?  This website analyses your tweets over the last year or so to see how naughty you were (how much you swore)… and then gives you a little summary like this:

Screen Shot naughty niceI was really surprised that i wasn’t on the naughty list… but then i remembered that my old employer used to curb my Twitter swearing, so being allowed to let rip on Twitter is something new to me 😉 I also have quite a few followers under the age of 18, so out of respect, i try to keep it clean.

At the time of taking the test 62911 people made the nice list… and 75473 were on the naughty list.

See where you fall, and then let me know: http://socialsanta.co/

Get Your Own Twitter Character Infographic

Who doesn’t like a good infographic? They’re informative and they’re graphic! Anyway, this popped up in my Facebook feed from Spillly who had recently created his own infographic using Visual.ly. You can go solo, like Spillly and i did… or you can even pit yourself against another Twitter user to see how you compare.

I find this stuff pretty interesting… Twitter is, after all, an extension of our personalities and it’s interesting to see how people translate who they are into a digital environment.

According to the infographic, my tweeting behaviour is like that of a gamer? Hmmmm… does that mean i’m pale, hardly go outdoors, still live with my mom and spend hours on Reddit? Holy SHIT! These people are good O_o

Spillly also outshines me a little and makes me feel kinda like a miserable bitch… apparently i’m not very “chatty” or “enthusiastic” when it comes to interacting with my followers.

Get your own here: http://visual.ly/twitter