Do You Want To Have Sex With Me?

Fascinating, and seriously hard to watch, social experiment! Youtuber, “Whatever” sent a girl and a guy out to ask members of the opposite sex whether they wanted to have sex. How do you think it turned out?

My favourites are the ones where they ask the couples with the partner standing right there. I’m surprised no one got punched/slapped!

It’s hilarious, and well worth the cringeworthiness.

Girl asks guys >

Guy asks girls >

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number


Someone get these guys a bottle of Bell’s! It shows that an honest, confident and direct approach works wonders. They only got rejected by 25% of the girls and some of those had boyfriends… so that doesn’t really count.

I’m not so sure if this technique would work in Cape Town though. I don’t know many of my friends who would just give their number out to a random guy. But you JHB boys might as well give it a try.

Please note: these guys are well dressed and aren’t being creepy about it. So if you give this a try, put on a decent outfit, smell good and be as confident as you can be.

EIther way, take look, you might just learn something 😉

Mondays Are Hard

Mondays are hard, so enjoy this gallery. There’s nothing quite like 15 sets of perfectly formed ass cheeks to put you in the right mood to take on the rest of the day. Think of it as a “pep talk”.