Hump This II

Wednesday, also known as “Hump Day”… i never really took to the alt name for the day of the week. In fact, the word “Hump Day” actually irritates me, much like the words: “hip”, “funky”, “panties”, “toilet” and “moist”. ERGH!


BUT for the sake of this post, it works… so i won’t complain anymore. Here are some beautiful lady bums to massage your tired mid-week eyes.


Mondays Are Hard VI *NSFW

Mondays are hard, so i’ve put together a gallery of images to massage your demotivated eyes. I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit recently, what with the move to JHB and all… so i thought id put a gallery together with 3 of the best in each category: Topless, Bikini, Ass, Black & White & Lingerie.

Enjoy πŸ˜‰


Strictly 18+


Here it is:


Mondays Are Hard

Mondays are hard, so enjoy this gallery. There’s nothing quite like 15 sets of perfectly formed ass cheeks to put you in the right mood to take on the rest of the day. Think of it as a “pep talk”.