Chatroulette Guy Is Back!

This man wins the internet! Apparently Chatroulette is still a thing. At least, it is for the infamous Chatroulette Guy who made one of the best viral videos the Internet has ever seen when he performed “Call Me Maybe” to randoms on the site.

He’s back with his unique and artistic take on Miley Cyrus’ latest hit “Wrecking Ball.”  He’s got a sledgehammer, red lips, a luscious beard, zero shame, and has an exercise ball attached to his ceiling.

Trust me, you have not seen a video this funny in a long time:


Get Home Safe For R20 A Month!

When i first heard that Dial Direct was offering a “taxi” service for R20/month, i was a little confused… but i suppose it does make sense. At the end of the day, if they’re getting their clients home safe, they’re saving themselves money in the long run. I’m also pretty much behind anything that gives you another option to driving drunk.

So Dial Direct has launched an awesome campaign that reminds us how dangerous our drunk selves can really be. Take a listen to some examples here. The brand is offering consumers two cab rides per month for only R20 with their Designated Driver Assist product. R20!!

The guys have created a website, that can only be described as the web-baby of ‘Texts From Last Night’ and ‘Buzzfeed’ where they’ve got a compilation of hilarious drunk texts >

So the next time you think about spending your last twenty bucks on a boerie roll or a coke, just remember that the best decision you can make on a drunken night is one made in advance. One that will save your life, and those around you.

Want to sign up to this service right now with Dial Direct?  Head on over to Dial Direct here and make the responsible choice.


Seth Rogan And James Franco Honour Kanye In Sensual New Video


The story goes something along the lines of: James Franco and Seth Rogen were quite bored on set of their new movie “The Interview”… and so being Franco and Rogen, decided to do a little ode to Kanye West’s new “Bound 2” music video.

This is still less cringey than the original (if you can believe it)… but still way more laugh inducing. I have no doubt that if Kanye steps down off of his cloud for 5min, and sees this, he’ll throw a massive tantrum on Twitter or something.

Nitrous Oxide Party

The use of nitrous oxide as a recreational drug at “laughing gas parties”, primarily arranged for the British upper class, became an immediate success beginning in 1799. While the effects of the gas generally make the user appear stuporous, dreamy and sedated, some people also “get the giggles” in a state of euphoria, and frequently, erupt in laughter.

laughinggas-advertIt seems like the drug has made a come-back of sorts in the UK, where it’s quite easy to get hold of. According to the Telegraph; “Home Office statistics showed more than 350,000 people aged 16 to 24 admitted using the gas in the last year, making it the second most popular drug among the age group after cannabis.”

Either way… these dudes below decided to give it a go and film their reactions while on the drug. They’re damn hilarious… it gets good around the 0:55 mark.

Camel Laughs Like Peter Griffin From Family Guy!

The Family Guy cast members have to be some of the most impersonated characters around! I’ve heard some amazing impressions (Roger Goode does an EXCELLENT Stewie and Peter)… but this camel just does it for me.

The animal had the chick who was filming this video in hysterics. There is a bit of speculation as to how real it is… but apparently it is the real deal. Either way… it’s bloody funny.

And just in case you don’t know what Peter Griffin laughing sounds like:

Cuervolution Competition


You’ve probably heard, or seen on social media by now that the Jose Cuervo LEGENDS are bringing us The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals! The street party is called “Cuervolution” and will be in Johannesburg on the 22nd of November and in Cape Town on the 23rd of November

The local supporting acts are also pretty wild: Taxi Violence, Aking, Beast, Desmond & The Tutus and loads loads more! KEEP READING > Competition Below:

Jose Cuervo SA

GOOD NEWS! I have 2 sets of tickets to give away, 1 for JHB and 1 for CT!

I’m going to make the competition entry VERY very simple. All you have to do is make sure you’re following @JoseCuervoSA (if you aren’t following them already)… then tweet:

WIN a set of double tickets to see @TheSubways & @FunLovinCrims with @JoseCuervoSA & @StephanieBe! #PartyAnimals

Get your tickets, grab your mates and throw back a few ice-cold Jose Cuervo’s. Tickets will be on sale for R100 each available to purchase on Please note this is an 18+ event. Bring valid ID.