Get Home Safe For R20 A Month!

When i first heard that Dial Direct was offering a “taxi” service for R20/month, i was a little confused… but i suppose it does make sense. At the end of the day, if they’re getting their clients home safe, they’re saving themselves money in the long run. I’m also pretty much behind anything that gives you another option to driving drunk.

So Dial Direct has launched an awesome campaign that reminds us how dangerous our drunk selves can really be. Take a listen to some examples here. The brand is offering consumers two cab rides per month for only R20 with their Designated Driver Assist product. R20!!

The guys have created a website, that can only be described as the web-baby of ‘Texts From Last Night’ and ‘Buzzfeed’ where they’ve got a compilation of hilarious drunk texts >

So the next time you think about spending your last twenty bucks on a boerie roll or a coke, just remember that the best decision you can make on a drunken night is one made in advance. One that will save your life, and those around you.

Want to sign up to this service right now with Dial Direct?  Head on over to Dial Direct here and make the responsible choice.


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