VITC 2013 Free Wifi & Map!


Vodacom has made the deal a little sweeter at VITC 2013! Free Wi-Fi for all Vodacom customers for the duration of the event.

When entering Mary Fitzgerald Square, you will have immediate access to the service! This is the first time in South Africa that concertgoers will be able to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram from an event, free of charge 🙂

‘We are always striving to bring the best experience to everyone that attends any Seed Experiences event and Vodacom has made a massive contribution by offering this service to the annual event. We want all our fans to be sharing their Vodacom In The City experience with the world as it happens.’ Says Gert Schoonraad from Seed Experiences.

Tickets for the annual event are running out quick. Avoid the disappointment, get tickets, and be part of the night.

Tickets for Vodacom In The City:


Event Info:
Twitter: @InTheCityJHB



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