Kids KILL Tool Cover

Their music teacher, Aaron O’Keefe, decided he’d do things a little differently with his music students and get them to to do covers of epic tunes. This video below is undisputed proof that music will, in fact, get to a point in the next 10yrs where some never thought it would. Too many people go on about all the terrible music these days… we don’t have more terrible music, we just have more music. Period.

Children are getting access to instruments (and a wide variety of them, long gone are the days of everyone having to do recorder) a lot earlier, and a lot easier. I also feel like there is just so much more inspiration that is readily available. Music is everywhere and so damn accessible. I’m excited to see what the next generation can produce with all the awesome shit at their fingertips.

The drummer is a tiny little demon on those drums. The bass player was killing it, in fact, all of the guitarists were nonchalantly murdering their parts. The tiny firecracker of a lead singer is just POWER… that emotion in her voice can’t be taught. BUT we all know who real hero is: the six year old rocking the rhythm sticks. You play those rhythm sticks, lil buddy!

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