White People Problems

I have no doubt that there will be immense backlash after i’ve written this piece, but…

4db77_ORIG-look_at_all_the_fucks_i_giveI will be the first to admit that i am not anywhere near an authority on rhino poaching or environmental affairs… but i hadn’t quite realized, up until now, that there were people who stood against the preservation of animals (and anything that isn’t human). I just took it for-granted that everybody was just as outraged as i was by poachers sneaking into our beautiful country and murdering nearly-extinct animals for unproven medicinal uses.

I was browsing the internet, devouring as much as information as i could, when i came across a post on Reddit about the Western Black Rhino being officially extinct. I did a little research just to check that it was true, there’s nothing worse than jumping on a band-wagon that has no wheels. I took to Twitter to share the news, this was my tweet: “The Western Black Rhino is officially extinct. Well done humanity.” With this pic attached >


Little did i know that a shitstorm was brewing. At first, i got the replies i was expecting… other tweeters who were just as saddened by the news, people who were outraged that we live in a generation that has seen the extinction of such an amazing creature. In all honesty, we have the right to be even more outraged than anyone else around the world, this is happening on our doorstep! In our own country! For the benefit of Asian penises!!

Then… i got the first reply: “We doing okay without the Dodo, we’ll be fine.” And the second: “#whitepeopleproblems” and lastly: “Its evolution,this has got nothing to do with humanity. Dinosaurs were extinct do you blame humanity too.” There were a couple other choice tweets, but these are by far the best worst.

What. The. Fuck. I thought it was “us” against “them”. I hadn’t realized that the problem is just so much bigger than Asians poaching Rhinos. It’s that people in our own country couldn’t care less, and that nature conservation is seen as a #whitepeopleproblem. This makes me wonder whether the reason that Rhino poaching has gone on for so long, and nothing successful has ever really been done by Government is because the people making the decisions, in Parliament and the like, actually don’t see what the big deal is…

I can see it now, some fat cat sitting behind a desk gets another letter/email pleading for funding to help save the Rhinos by hiring more border guards or a helicopter to patrol the area, and he laughs quietly to himself while thinking “white people *sigh* “.

There are loads of reasons as to why we are sitting with people who think this way, but i don’t want this to get any uglier than it already is.

I suppose i’m just a little confused. Disappointed. What do we do to not only fix the rhino situation, but also to make everyone understand that we’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful country… but the only reason that it is still beautiful, is because there are people FIGHTING to keep it that way?

I’m going to leave you with another story, make of it what you will… It is paraphrased, but the sentiment is still spot on, and i tried to remember the quotes as accurately as possible.

A friend of a friend is a lecturer at one of the top universities in the country. After a class, she was chatting to one of the young guys about homework or something. Two of his friends were standing with him, waiting for their friend, so they could all leave together. While she’s chatting to him, she notices the other guys needlessly throwing away some unused paper. Being a “teacher”, i suppose she saw this as a teaching moment, and said to them that they shouldn’t throw away so much unused paper… that they could save money if they were more sparing, and “what about the trees?”. A phrase you’ve probably heard a thousand times in your life, rainforests, trees, paper, etc. You get the idea.

*laughing* “But what about the trees, Miss?! Why do we care about trees? What about humans?!” (then something about the fact that everything is for humans to take, and we don’t need trees)

“Well, guys, trees provide oxygen… and without oxygen, we can’t breathe”

*all 3 guys in stitches laughing*

“TREES DON’T GIVE US OXYGEN!! That’a a lie! If trees give us oxygen, then how do people on boats breathe?!”


The above story is NOT a joke. This actually happened. At a University. And University students are supposed to be the most educated. This implies that, possibly, a lot of what is being taught by schools, isn’t being believed.

5 thoughts on “White People Problems

  1. A bit shocked by this! I also thought everyone was against (to varying degrees maybe – but all in the same direction at least). Its very frustrating that more hasn’t been done!
    I laughed at the oxygen / tree story though. Its actually so sad its funny. People are so selfish these days. x

  2. With you here 100% . The fact that people see this as a #Whitepeopleproblem is disturbing. As African people do they not see Africa and all of its creatures as party of their, history, culture and Legacy. Would your Ancestor approve of the wholesale slaughter and exploitation of a living creature just to make some money? Sadly that is the problem with today as long as you can enrich yourself it doesn’t matter who or what you exploit.

    People also obviously think its okay that armed foreign national just breach our borders and pillage what is ours? What is stopping those people from coming to pillage and burn our houses once the Rhinos,Lions and Elephants are gone?

    You are quite right about government official not really giving a stuff, we are trying to fight a criminal problem with conservation professors, yes we have some soldiers about but the efforts are still being led by conservationists. In Botswana where the President is head of the anti poaching team they had less than 10 Rhinos poached last year.

  3. It’s a testament to a country heading for big trouble, the lack of focus on what we as humans should be concerned with and the obsession with corruption, racial discrimination, political finger pointing and personal wealth. What you say above is really just a small piece of the fractured mantelpiece and it is sad that many of the countries own citizens neither want to be part of the solution or even care about these impacts that will undoubtedly in the future (and near future at this rate) affect us all.

    University are supposedly the smartest class of people but having spent the last 5 years affiliated with a scientific department in one of the major universities in S.A. i can confidently say that 80% of what we learn and what is considered educated thinking is a far cry from what it truely means to be educated.

    We need to change and fast

  4. 100% spot on. You got me thinking. When George W Bush was the president of the USA, it was not uncommon to hear South Africans judging all Americans on the idiosyncrasies of their President, based on the assumption that the majority voted for Bush, thus they support him, thus the majority of Americans are idiots. So why then is then if I apply the same formula and reasoning to South Africans, I’m being called racist and all kinds of stuff? Does South Africa and Africa have a different set of rules to the rest of the world? Are we not all on the same side here, wanting to make a success of SA and the continent?

    All in all, a civilization is defined by the manner in which it treats its animals….

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