RAMfest 2013

Three international bands are to headline at RAMfest this year; Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Paul Harding and Ben Verse from Pendulum. Unlike any other festival in South Africa, RAMfest takes their glorious music festival to Cape Town, Joburg, PE and Durban!


Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon’s performances include Ramfest Cape Town, Joburg and Durban, and Pendulum DJ Set and Verse will be performing in all four cities. There are two different concerts in Durban, so make sure that you know the exact line-up before you purchase your ticket. The internationals, except for Pendulum DJ Set and Verse, will not be performing in PE.

Michael Ellis Photography

Michael Ellis Photography – RAMfest 2012

Because i’m Capetonian, and i’m a little biased, the Cape Town leg of the tour is going to be AMAZING! It’s being held at “Circle Of Dreams” in Riviersonderend. How could you go wrong hosting an event at a place with that name?! All the info you could possibly need about the Cape Town festival is here: Cape Town

Circle Of Dreams, Riviersonderend

Circle Of Dreams, Riviersonderend

There are still tickets available, so get cracking!

Ticket prices:
• Cape Town: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate.
• Joburg: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate.
• Durban, 15 March: R350 pre-sold, R450 at the gate.
• Durban, 8 March: R150 presales and R100 early bird.
• PE: R150 presales and R100 early bird.

Ticket sales:
• Tickets at www.ticketbreak.co.za/ramfest
• Cape Town: www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1468
• Joburg: www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1467
• Durban Wavehouse: www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1506
• Durban: www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1584
• Port Elizabeth: www.ticketbreak.co.za/event_details/1529

Social Media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ramfest
Twitter: @ramfest
Website: www.ramfest.co.za

PS: Keep an eye out on my blog this coming week – i may have a few tickets to give away 😉 I lie, i definitely do have tickets to give away… i was just trying to sound all mysterious.

One thought on “RAMfest 2013

  1. I discovered your blog by searching for “RAMfest ticket giveaways” 😛 (Yes, I’m THAT desperate!) But now that I’m here I find it quite, ahem…interesting 😀 Will be following up to and after the ticket giveaways. When are you on air? 😀

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