Capetonian Kid Gets “Lift” To School

This was, at first, quite entertaining – as kids my cousins and i used to do stupid stuff like this by hanging off the back of the farm bakkie while it sped down dirt roads… but then when the guys filming this show how fast they’re driving, my heart sank.


You have to admire the kids determination to get to school – which i assume he’s trying to do as he has a backpack on his back and he’s wearing a school shirt. How does he know the truck is even going near his school though? I’m not really sure – but this is honestly insane.

The guys filming could do very little, they’re driving at 100km/h and so is the truck. The video is also really short, so i’m not sure if they tried to flag the truck down afterwards. Not sure what else to say – take a look for yourself and let me know what you think:

3 thoughts on “Capetonian Kid Gets “Lift” To School

  1. Well it is entertaining but that’s seriously dangerous I can remember doing that and falling from a truck and it was sore to the T…

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