Instagram Is Turning Into Facebook

Instagram’s new Web profiles just changed everything. Expect cries of “Instagram is ruined!” and get ready to lock your account.

You’d be forgiven, if at first glance, you thought you were staring at Nike’s Facebook page. You’re actually gawking at its Instagram Web profile, a new feature that’s rolling out for all Instagram users over the next week. It’s the first major “un-Instagrammy” change since the service was acquired by Facebook, and it’s probably going to leave some users grumbling.


via: Buzzfeed

I’m not sure about you, but Instagram’s attraction was that it was purely mobile driven and that the photos we were uploading weren’t easily viewed by anyone with access to the internet… and *gasp* non-Instagram users!

And surprise surprise, brands seem to be the driving force behind this move. “We believe this is a big step in allowing brands to have an Instagram home on the web where they can share recent shots with just about anyone. We’re obviously very excited by the adoption of Instagram by the world’s major brands and we’ll continue to build products that suit both them and users alike.” – Instagram chief Kevin Systrom

“If your photos are set to public, anyone will be able to see your profile,” said an official statement. “You do not have to be an Instagram user to view a public user’s profile on the web.”

You can check if your profile is live by typing in:

If your profile isn’t one of the few that has been converted just yet, have no fear, all 100 million registered Instagram users will be online by the end of this week.

3 thoughts on “Instagram Is Turning Into Facebook

  1. I think it’s great. I’m often wanting an easier way to view my own (and others) photos on the web. And most importantly save photos which this will allow me to do.

    I would only question the move if they allowed uploading of photos via the web, but they aren’t That’s still reserved for the mobile apps.

  2. Why instagram why? I can deal with random people who just discovered instagram, istagramming everything and linking their pics to facebook. I can even deal with the fact that The Zuck decided to buy it and commercialized it. But I can’t deal with this. This is so unnecessary. What’s the point. I liked it’s simplicity it’s no nonsense look.

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