Hottest Olympians – Girls

They aren’t calling it the XXX Olympics for no reason… it seems like a record number of achingly hot women are participating in the Olympics this year. I thought it best that we take some time to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sure there are quite a few women that i might have left out… if one of your favourites is missing from the list, pop her name in the comments section and i’ll add her to it ๐Ÿ™‚

Louise Hazel – Heptathlon (Great Britain)

Christina Vukicevic – Hurdles (Norway)

Darya Klishina – Long Jump (Russia)

Melanie Adams – Pole Vault (Australia)

Jessica Ennis ย – Heptathlon (Great Britain)

Leryn Franco – Javelin (Paraguay)

Stephanie Rice – Swimming (Australia)

Maria Sharapova – Tennis (Russia)

Alex Morgan – Football/Soccer (USA)
Emma Coburn – Steeplechase (USA)

Caroline Wozniacki – Tennis (Denmark)

Ana Ivanovic – Tennis (Serbia)

Zara Dampney – Beach Volleyball (Great Britain)

Australian Synchronised Swimming Team (Olia Burtaev, Eloise Amberger, Sarah Bombell and Jenny-Lyn Anderson)

Romy Tarangul – Judo (Germany)

Nicole Reinhardt – Canoeing (Germany)

Luciana Aymar – Hockey (Argentina)

Erika Prezerakou – Pole Vault (Greece)

Samantha Harrison – Hockey (New Zealand)

Kosovare Asllaniย – Soccer (Sweden)

Antonija Misura – Basketball (Croatia)

Ivet Lalova – Sprint (Bulgaria)

Jonelle Filigno – Canada (Soccer)

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