My Soul And Twinkle Toes

My boy-human has a very talented younger brother who lives in London and goes to a performing arts college… he can sing, dance, act and he’s adorable to boot! He put together an audition video for an upcoming musical, “Backstep”.

When i was younger, i was never into team sports, i was always too much in my own world to worry about watching other people and what they were doing with a ball. Instead, i did ballet and gymnastics… having hypermobility in most of my joints, it came pretty easily. I gave up after a few years in High School to focus on music, and also because i found it almost impossible to maintain the body needed to become a successful dancer… and i got way too tall. You don’t find many ballet dancers, or female dancers in general, that are 2cm shy of 6ft :/ I still find myself watching videos on youtube of people dancing and wondering where i would be now if i had taken it a little more seriously. Le sigh.

Edward Crann is not only blessed with talent in heaps, he also works damn hard at it, and it pays off. I have a feeling that we’re watching the rise of a star 🙂 Watch the video, click like, share it with your friends… Ta!

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