Blink-182 Girl All Grown Up

“Enema Of The State”, Blink-182’s third studio album had some of Blink’s catchiest and most popular songs on it; “What’s My Age Again”, “All The Small Things”, and “Adam’s Song”. Interestingly enough (as far as i remember) this album was recorded before Travis Barker even joined the band… the drummer who you can hear in the original 1999 release of this album is actually Scott Raynor.

One of the things that stood out about the album, was the album cover… it featured a picture of porn star Janine Lindemulder in a nurses uniform (FYI: she also appears in the “What’s My Age Again” music video). In 1999 the album cover would have still been considered a little racy.

1999 was a good 13 years ago, but i still couldn’t help choking on my oats when i saw a picture of what she looks like now :/ Has she aged gracefully? Or have those 13 years taken their toll? No doubt, her marriage to Jesse James would have aided her slow degradation…

WHAT hath God wrought?!

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