Random Superhero Generator

Click here and insert your name, gender, and then select “Random” for number of powers.

This is what i got, not too bad. I wouldn’t want to fight me:

Stephanie Be has mastered the ability to view distant locations with her mind. Additionally, she has learned to copy the appearance of her combatants and she has been known to deflect lasers.

This is what i got on my second try:

Stephanie Be developed the talent to make duplicates of herself. Also, she is able to run between dimensions and she can view distant locations with her mind, but can only do so twice an hour. Stephanie Be has been known to force vampires to freeze in place and she lords over a group of penguins. She has the power to take control of nightmares, however she must speak words of power to do so. Stephanie Be fights wielding a toxic sai that also grants a startling pattern of tools and she has developed all of the powers and talents of a frog.

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