NYE Live City Link Up Party

NYE is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you probably still don’t know where you’re going to party. I have 4 tickets to give away to ONE person (that’s you + 3 friends) for the 5FM and Savannah New Years Eve Live City Link Up at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town… 2 cities, 7 dancefloors, 18 DJs & the chance to win R1million!! Party like there’s no tomorrow with Euphonik, Roger Goode, C-Live, DJ Fresh, Goodluck, Gareth Devore, Tomorrow’s Will, Garth B and Kyle Phonics.


The tickets are going to go to a totally random person from Twitter who tweets any/all of the following tweets (you need to be following @GandGPro to win):

“YO! @StephanieBe gimme them tickets gurl. Me and my homies gon’ burn this mahfahka down. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Ola senorita @StephanieBe! I wood reely reely luv those ticketos, por me and my amigos. Muchos gracias. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Aweh masekinners. I really hope this girlie @StephanieBe goois me those tickets so my brasse en i can stiek uit. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Howzit @StephanieBe ah’d really lahk it if you klapped those tickets mah way, lank excahted. Schweet. #NYELiveCityLinkUp”

“Hey @StephanieBe i’d love to win those 4 tickets to the #NYELiveCityLinkUp. Shot!”

More information about the NYE Live City Link Up Party:



To buy tickets: Computicket

>> Winner will be announced Friday 30 December <<

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