Deadmau5 SA Tour

It’s about bloody time, right? Earlier this year i replied to Matthew Palmer on Twitter when he asked whether Deadmau5 would ever come to South Africa, i replied and tagged @Deadmau5 in the tweet. Unfortunately i had heard 2 South African DJ’s (on a National Radio Station) talk about Deadmau5’s apparently ridiculous rates and the reasons as to why he probably will never come and that is the information i passed on to Matthew. Well, Deadmau5 read the tweet and replied. Thrice. He was not happy and said that he was well aware of his South African fans and would love to come and play in SA. In case you’re wondering why he replied to my tweet, of all the thousands of tweets he gets every single day, well… it was the day after National Cleavage Day and my Twitter Avatar was a picture of me in my bra. Hmmmmmm… so yeah, no, i don’t know why he replied. Must have been random 😉

Here is the video from youtube which directs you to the website: There is nothing on the website as yet, but more information will follow.

Deadmau5 SA Tour on Twitter: @deadmau5SAtour and Deadmau5 SA Tour on BBM: 225CC648

According to a Times LIVE article; Management company Three Six Zero Group’s Dean Wilson then told Times LIVE “We are in talks but at this time no firm dates have been agreed.”

Interesting to note that MyCityByNight wrote an article about Deadmau5 earlier this year and said: “As always MyCityByNight had its ear to the ground during the entire pre-negotiation process, which in this instance was between two major events promoters. This week one of these promoters (the more reliable and event organising-savvy one) confirmed that Deadmau5 would not be coming to South Africa in 2011 bar some sort of divine intervention. I believe he said something along the lines of “Joel doesnt have any plans to visit SA this year unless we can convince his agent that a change of mind is an excellent idea” – if I think back to our conversation.”

I did a little bit of research and i see that he is touring the USA and Canada right now and has shows solidly from now till 5 November…. so if he comes to SA this year, i would assume that it would be after 6 November some time.

If you’re a little skeptical about all of this, then keep an eye on the man himself:

Deadmau5 on Twitter: @deadmau5

Official Website:

Official youtube Channel: Deadmau5

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