REEDS Roadtrip – The Road To JHB

After our traumatic journey from PE to Durban i was more than a little nervous to hit the road again. The day before we were set to leave, the road was actually closed due to the extreme weather conditions and the heavy snow that had fallen on van Reenens Pass. We had no choice but to hit the road and hope for the best and the best is exactly what we got!

van Reenens Pass had been opened after the snow was scraped and it couldn’t have been any prettier! It was the first time that Mixi had ever been near snow, so it was an awesome experience to share… and dare i say *almost* made up for our harrowing experience 2 days before.

We stopped for a quick coffee break at the massive Harrismith (cute little town that looked stunning covered in snow) petrol station just on the outskirts of town. What a strange place, but with a great vibe. They have an Ocean Basket, Spur and a Mugg & Bean as well as a couple other little restaurants and cafes, and most importantly; loos!

Besides getting lost on Johannesburg’s highways, the rest of the drive to Jozi was pretty smooth. A massive thank you to my Pops and @BrentV_RSA for getting us safely to the hotel (and away from Hilbrow) with their clear directions!

I sent out a tweet that went something like this: “HELP! If anyone sees a white Opel Astra in JHB with Twitter branding and a CA license plate PLS tell us where we are! RT if you love me”. Because i have so many awesome Twitter friends (who obviously love me enough to try and save me from hijacking and death) it got RT’d by the following bunnies:

@AMG133, @Sarahious, @hennokruger, @conciergeryan, @jeemersan, @ronaldterblanch, @preneil, @richardatuct, @tigersgirls, @pierre_bellew, @beaulahp, @hemant_vallabh, @benedictcafe, @jjza, @MrGKruger, @Katjie24, @GerardRaphael, @arnoldsonkloof, @BrooklynB27, @BradleyMZ, @david_faux, @sammi_jcox, @angeliqueleroux – YOU GUYS ROCK. Steph loves you long time!

There were a lot more that RT’d the old school way so i can’t access that info now as well as those that BBM’d, SMS’d and WhatsApp’d the crap outta my phone trying to help me figure out where i was  😦 You know who you are though – THANK YOU for caring! 🙂

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