REEDS Roadtrip – Durban

To say that our journey to Durban was an ordeal would be an understatement, but more on that in a later blog post (yes, it was so bad that it deserves its own post). However, now that i’m safe at home in Cape Town i can say that it was all well worth it. Our roadtrip would never have been complete without a visit to Durbs.

Even though the weather was less than ideal and downright frosty, Mixi and i had a wonderful time. We were lucky enough to have Amith (@AMG133) for the day and he made sure that we got to see everything we wanted to see… he deserves some massive respect for putting up with us for an entire day! First stop; Vida (at Mixi’s insistence) where i got my first “I heart U” written on the cappuccino froth ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then we went on a bit of a tour around the city, ended up at Gateway (awesomest mall everrrr) and spent a couple of hours walking around and checking out all the cool (cheap) shops. Next stop was Moyo on the Pier where more cappuccinos were consumed and then onto the Spice Emporium where i bought some authentic Indian spices and sweeties. We ended up having an early dinner at House Of Curries and words cannot describe how amazing the food was. If you are ever in Durban, you need to make a trip down to Florida Rd and have a Chip&Cheese Roti… BUT be warned: share it! Mixi, Amith and i split it 3 ways and it was still a ton of food. The little coffee shop next to House Of Curries (it was closed when we were there) also sells Macaroon Milkshakes and i’ll have to come back to sample one of those.

That night we went to Livingstones (great little restaurant/pub) and i was lucky enough to meet; @askashe, @ShansDBN, @LizLaughalot, @waewest, @NevinSP, @coaxel,ย @iAvish_Karr, @shaunie2flyย and @madammichelle for the first time. Apparently the “Chuhcken Pot Paah” is amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know that it’s wrong to generalize, but Durbanites are such awesome people. Down-to-earth, friendly, super chilled and with a great sense of humour! I can’t wait to go back and visit DBN when the sun is shining and i can test the beaches out ๐Ÿ˜‰ The city has an awesome vibe and i can see why the people who live there are so full of life – their hometown is truly beautiful. Next time i would like to stay longer so that i can go and explore the surrounding areas a little more… do the Midlands Meander, see the Drakensberg, all the touristy stuff.

6 thoughts on “REEDS Roadtrip – Durban

  1. I dunt know Steph, I lahked(durban translation – liked) meeting you guys but you really mussed(durban translation – “missed”) out by not checking out the bluff LOL

  2. I dunt(durban translation – don’t) know Steph, I lahked(durban translation – liked) meeting you guys but you really mussed(durban translation – “missed”) out by not checking out the bluff LOL

  3. and dont forget how naaaaice we were to hang out with. I wanted to order the fush but @madamemichelle reminded me it was #meatfreemondays so I orders chups instead LOL

  4. Well chikita it was awesome meeting u two too,we had a blast,remember this: O M G u so sexC,and the paah was naaice tonaaight!! Giggles,I tell u! Come back soon for pink drinks and fun times.

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