REEDS Roadtrip – Durban (The Hotel)

We stayed at the Protea Hotel Edward on Durban’s famous “Golden Mile”. Locals might have noticed that the hotel recently underwent a refurbishment both inside and out… it is looking better than ever! They were able to keep the old-world charm but spruce it up so that it is still relevant in a modern era.

All the rooms’ carpets, wall furnishings and decor have been redone and each room has an LCD flat-screen TV and super comfortable bed. The breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant was amazing, the waitstaff were very attentive and the chef was very friendly. In fact, The Protea Hotel Edward’s main stand-out feature was definitely their staff.

There's a Mixi in my cupboard!

The Porter was eager to please and always up for a chat and definitely one of the friendliest hotel staffers i’ve ever met. The receptionists always had massive smiles on their faces and the rest of the hotel staff didn’t disappoint. Our car was always brought around for us without having to wait for very long and whether it was their job or not, there was always someone offering to help us with our bags.

The Protea Hotel Edward didin’t disappoint and i would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of traveling to Durban. In Summer it would be the perfect base for a Durban holiday – it is right on the beach front and central to all of the cities attractions.

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