REEDS Roadtrip Day 2

Yes, technically we are already onto the third day of the roadtrip, but yesterday was so traumatic that i couldn’t muster up the energy or presence of mind to sit down in front of my laptop and type out a blog post… I have had a lot of people asking about my experience and i promise i will write a decent post about it, but only when i’m back in the Mother City. Safe. I really don’t want to sit down and think about it on the night before we leave for Jozi from Durbs.

So, on to more important things… Port Elizabeth! PE itself is a bit of a weird place. I spent a week there at the beginning of the year and this is the first time that i’ve been back since. Honestly, it’s a bit of an armpit. In the terrible weather it resembled a post apocalyptic wasteland or maybe some industrial town in the Russian badlands. Very ugly. I will admit that i am miserable in cold/wet/rainy weather so this might be why i have such a dismal outlook on the windy city.

PE does have one redeeming quality though, the Protea Hotel Marine! I didn’t get the chance to give it any praise and trust me, it deserves all the praise in the world. From the time we pulled up until the time we left, i felt completely at ease and taken care of. The room had the awesomest fruit/nut/chocolate plate put together with a bottle of wine! What a welcome 🙂 The gym was awesome and we swore that we were going to wake up extra early and make use of it… but we really didn’t have any time. It’s a massive pity about this crappy weather that’s followed us up the coast as the Protea Marine has the most delightful rooftop swimming pool and deck/chill area. If it wasn’t -112 degrees we would have definitely jumped in!

The beds were comfortable and even more importantly, the room was clean. Not just normal “clean”, my standard of clean… which is a little difficult to live up to. Being a germophobe is Hell most of the time, but PH Marine didn’t give me any reason to stress at all. I slept like the dead that night.

In the morning, Mixi and i went down for our breakfast… WOW! Amazing. Everything and i mean everything was delicious; the bite sized croissants and danishes, fresh fruit and eggs any way you want them.

You can tell that the hotel has been through a recent renovation, everything has that new glow. I love it. The only thing that didn’t look new was the Porter. He was an adorable old man that called me “Baba” and didn’t like the idea of me carrying my own bags. Ever. Anywhere. Too cute for words!

I would definitely stay at the Protea Marine again!

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