REEDS Roadtrip Day 2 – The Car

On day 2 we spent a considerable amount of time inside the car (read: 8 hours) and so we became pretty accustomed with the interior. The first thing you’ll notice, either as the passenger or the driver, is the space… there is a lot of it. Mixi might be a tiny human being, but she had more space in the passenger seat than what most people have in their designer Bachelor flats in Sea Point.

Not only is the space amazing, but the comfort of the actual seats was surprising. Sitting in a car for 8 hours is bound to make even the most comfortable of seats feel like a Chinese torture device. I only started to get uncomfortable 7h30min in to the drive… and that has nothing to do with the car and everything to do with the fact that a human body isn’t meant to be in one position for that long.

The centre console might look a little overwhelming at first, but i have never encountered such a user friendly car in my life. I had it all figured out in less than 20 seconds and i’m sure that even the most technologically retarded person wouldn’t struggle. Not only is it easy to work out, but it is also very pretty. It reminded me of a dash/console that one would find on an Italian car rather than in an Opel. The Astra also boasts a multifunction steering wheel where the cruise control and radio/cd volume and controls are housed, super convenient.

I’m also a fan of the red glow that emits from all the lit up places inside of the car… a nice change to the run-of-the-mill white or green. A small touch that made a big difference to me was that the needle on the speedometer throws a tiny point of light onto the dial… so if you’re driving at 123km/h, you’ll know.

As a girl i do tend to treat my car a little like a handbag and i always seem to have emergency supplies of everything stored in my car. The Astra is perfect for this as there is place for everything – plenty of drink/cup holders and even a storage facility that you pull out from underneath the passenger seat.

All in all, the interior is great… they got everything right. I wouldn’t mind being stuck inside that car for 7 hours straight again. Oh wait, i will be again in a couple of hours’ time.

Thank goodness for those comfortable seats! My saving grace.

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