REEDS Roadtrip Day 1

The REEDS roadtrip takes place from 13 – 19 August. Mixi and i will be test driving the latest Opel Astra Turbo through Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg over the course of this coming week. Follow our progress via Twitter using the hashtag: #REEDSroadtrip

Cape Town to PE: Saturday 13 August, spend tonight in PE.

PE to Durban: Sunday 14 August, spend Sunday and Monday night in Durban.

Durban to Jozi: Tuesday 16 August, spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night in Jozi.

Jozi back to Cape Town: Friday 19 August.

Protea Hotels are providing the accommodation throughout the trip at the Protea Marine, Protea Edward and Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch. Find out more about Africa’s leading hotel group at or follow them on twitter @ProteaHotels and find them on Facebook under Protea Hotels.

We left Cape Town in less than spectacular weather and it seems like we’re following the cold front all the way up the coast. Regardless of the rain and cold, nothing could get us down today… the first day of our EPIC cross-country roadtrip.

The Car:

The first challenge that the Astra faced was fitting in the bajillion pieces of luggage that Mixi and i had both packed for the week. 2 girls, 7 days, 3 cities… we had to pack for every mood/occasion/climate. I was beyond shocked when not only did all of our many bags fit into the boot, but there was still space left over. Very impressive. I never paid much attention to boot size on a car before, but it is one of those things you’ll regret not thinking about on the day that you need to pack your boot full of luggage or shopping or a dead body or whatever.

The car is also way prettier than what i thought it would be. Opel’s aren’t known for being the most attractive cars, but the Astra fit right in driving down the Sea Point Promenade; slick yet sophisticated, modern yet classic. It looks enough like a sports car so that you don’t feel like you’re driving the traditional sedan/hatch, but it doesn’t have a crazy design that will date very quickly.

– I will be writing more on the Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo over the next few days; the interior, comfort, performance, etc… in the mean time check REEDS website for more information on this stunning vehicle.

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