Going To 2nd Base With… Your Dog?

Suzanne Morgan made a life-changing discovery one evening after she put her daughter Tasha to bed. Her dog Dixie was howling, barking uncontrollably, hungry to be fed. She opened the cupboards and discovered they were bare. She was low on cash after her boyfriend had left… So, what do you do when you’ve got to feed your dog to keep it quiet so that it doesn’t wake the baby? You breastfeed it.

 She tenderly recounts the experience of feeding little Dixie:

 “That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Clearly, Dixie liked my milk.  So a few nights later, after I’d fed Tasha, Dixie jumped on the settee and I held my left boob towards her. I squeezed out some milk, and wiped it around my nipple. Within seconds, her long, pink tongue was gently licking my skin. It tickled at first, but then, as she started suckling away, it didn’t feel much different to having Tasha there. ‘You liked that, didn’t you girl?’ I said, as she gently pawed my chest. Despite having a mouthful of sharp teeth, she didn’t bite me and 10 minutes later, I gently pulled her off.”

 Dog people… go figure.

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