Like whatever!

Like Manchester-United, the word “whatever” keeps on bringing home the trophies (and worldwide disdain).

For the second year in a row, “whatever” was crowned the most annoying word in the English language. Nearly 39 percent of 1,020 Americans questioned in the survey deemed it the most irritating word, followed by “like” with 28 percent and the phrase “you know what I mean’ at 15 percent. * (see footnote)

The phrase “to tell you the truth” (I’m guilty of that one) and “actually” were also unnerving to many people. But for younger Americans, aged 18 to 29, “like” was the word that annoyed them most.

The scariest thing about this research? This year, 39 percent of Americans found “whatever” to be annoying, compared to 44 percent last year. That’s 5 percent less! What if the number just keeps going down and down and down until one day, our great-grandchildren tune in to a NASA press conference where the head researcher says, “We have made contact with extraterrestrial life … or whatever.”


* footnote: @MartindeAbreu “you know what I mean?” I do.


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