Die Heuwels Fantasties

POP ART with Die Heuwels Fantasties’ Visual Album – Deluxe Edition

The first single from the album to be released, is a cover of Fokofpolisiekar’s Ek dink aan jou as dit reën.

Have a taste: http://soundcloud.com/dieheuwels/die-heuwels-fantasties-ek-dink-aan-jou-as-dit-reen-preview

This deluxe double- disc visual album includes all the songs from their debut album, Die Heuwels Fantasties and a couple of new tracks:

 · Way to Go: Thieve ft Die Heuwels Fantasties

· Doodgewonde Aand

· Our Heritage 2010 remix: with Jack Parow, HHP, JR and The Soweto Gospel Choir

· Pille vir Kersfees: acoustic version

· Ek dink aan jou as dit reen: cover of Fokofpolisiekar track

The second disc is a visual accompaniment of these songs featuring the music video of each song and includes bonus videos for:

 · Doodgewone Aand

· Our Heritage

· Die Vraagstuk: Potch student version

· Oorlewing 101: a never before seen video by photographer Liam Lynch

 Also included in this collector’s album, is artwork specially designed for each of the tracks by Arno Kruger and Philip Erasmus. The album will be released at end of November.

For more information:



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