Taylor Nation


 I CANNOT wait for Taylor Swift’s new album, Speak Now, in stores in the USA, UK and *hopefully* South Africa on October 25… either way I’ll be waiting outside Musica tomorrow morning just in case. I have not obsessed over a musician/band/group like I have with Taylor Swift since I was 12 years old and had a serious case of Spice Girl fever.


Why do I love Taylor Swift so much? Maybe it’s because I’m a hillbilly at heart and I love the ‘country’ style music she makes? Or maybe it’s because I think she is one of the most beautiful and angelic looking women in the world? Or maybe it’s because she sings the way I wish I could?
I took a listen to the full preview of Speak Now and it is definitely her least ‘country’ album to date. The lead single “Mine” still sounds like a song that could have been found on her previous album, Fearless, as I’m sure she wants to ease her fans into her ‘new’ sound. Track 10, “Better Than Revenge” has a definite rock feel and “Haunted” sounds like it has a full-on orchestra backing up the emotional ballad. Let’s not forget Track 3, “Back To December”, written for/about Taylor Lautner (Jake from the Twilight movies) and their short lived romance and Track 5, “Dear John”, written for Hollywood heartbreaker John Mayer.


The track listing for Speak Now:

1. “Mine”

2. “Sparks Fly”

3. “Back to December”

4. “Speak Now”

5. “Dear John”

6. “Mean”

7. “The Story of Us”

8. “Never Grow Up”

9. “Enchanted”

10. “Better Than Revenge”

11. “Innocent”

12. “Haunted”

13. “Last Kiss”

14. “Long Live”


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