No more teary moments in front of Facebook *almost*


This could not have come at a better time for me! I am sick of seeing my exes faces smiling up at me posing next to some swimwear model in my news feed just because 20 of our mutual friends have commented on the photo. I am equally sick of having them constantly appear in my “Friend Suggestions”… Yes Mr Facebook, i realise that we have 193 friends in common, but i deleted them for a reason, trust me. 

Facebook haven’t come up with a solution to all of the above complaints… but i’m still holding thumbs that one day i will be able to obliterate all evidence of an ex with the click of a button. In the meantime, they have changed the site’s algorithm so that “Photo Memories” no longer displays photos tagged with people with whom you once had a relationship (according to your Facebook relationship status).

Back in August, Facebook added a tab to your home page called “Photo Memories”, a box on the upper right-hand corner that displays old photos tagged with your Facebook friends. Most of the time, it would dig out the most heart wrenching photos from your network: photos of your ex, of your current partner hugging his/her ex, etc.


According to “Facebook never made clear how the photos were chosen (and when questioned, a Facebook spokeswoman said she “couldn’t share details about our algorithms”), it is widely believed that they are randomly taken from the profiles you click into the most. Furthermore, whatever privacy settings you placed on photos do not appear to apply; for example, even if you’ve blocked compromising photos from your mom, they can still randomly pop up in her Photos Memories box.”

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